Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Merong Mahawangsa

Merong Mahawangsa was related to Alexander the great, which was known as naval captain who came to Asia hundred years ago. Merong was asked to escort a Roman prince, Marcus to Southeast Asia to marry Chinese princess from the Han Dynasty. On the way there, they had been attacked by pirate named garuda and Chinese princess, Meng Li Hua was kidnapped. During the fight, Merong was fainted and being save by the villagers nearby. The headman of the village said to Merong that, he was the only one who can reunite Garuda and the villagers.
          In order to fight with the Garuda, Merong learnt fighting skill, mystical side and weakness of Garuda with the head of the villagers. At the same time he fell in love with Embok , adopted daughter of the headman .The real parents of Embok were killed during Garuda attack and she had been raped by Garuda headman. They finally get married. 
          Merong obtained help from Han Dynasty who wanted to save their princess from Garuda.Merong was very happy and relief because he had found that Marcus, the princes of Roman not died. He became more encouraged to fight the Garuda. During the fight Merong died, but they won the battle. 
          Before watching this movie, I thought it will be very bored but in the end it was interesting. I kept wondering why they were not speaking in Malay since the story based on history of Kedah Tua .Applause should be given to KRU because they had produced good graphic  using CGI and sound effects in the movie. All the fighting scenes seem very real. To all Malaysian, we should be proud with Malaysian product.   

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